You can have the best product in the world if your potential customers can not relate to for if you cannot imagine themselves using it is then you are out of luck. You are also losing money if you are making your customers jump over hurdles during the purchasing process.


People find shopping online convenient more and more in the last few years. One of the big selling points of e-commerce is the fact that you don’t have to get out of bed to make a purchase. That was enough in the past. Today buyers want a streamlined process, start to end, that simplifies their purchase and makes it easier for them to buy what they want.


Here are some tips on e-commerce website design and features that will help you convert more potential buyers into regular customers.


Be clear on what you sell


Sometimes it is hard to glean what a company is selling from its jumbled over-the-top e-commerce website. Design your webpage in a way that is clean and clear, identify your potential customers, and time explicitly why you are a better alternative than your competitors.

Quality sells


And by this, we mean that quality website sells. Make sure that your webpage is fully optimized, runs without a hitch, and that the content is excellent. Use product photos where applicable and make sure that they are high resolution. Any content that you choose to share should be quality content that gives users need information. They will help you get and retain customers and brand you as a professional.

Quality Sells
Page Layout Designs

Pay attention to page layout designs


E-commerce website design is all about layout. Pay attention to visual hierarchy and remember the important stuff needs to be bigger and better! People tend to focus more on larger images than make sure that everything is great that you have to say is said in LARGE BOLD print! One tiny extra tip here; make your shopping cart icon large and even biggest than when people put items in the cart! Don’t let them leave your page without buying just because your website has a design flaw!

Streamline the purchasing process


Conversion is at the heart of e-commerce. The website design should help reach that goal. Streamline the entire process complete. Make the check out as easy as possible. Don’t require people to sign in or to subscribe to whatever it is you want them to subscribe also. Nearly a quarter of potential buyers will give up at this point. Allow your customers to come in quickly and check out even faster. A no-nonsense webpage design will help you keep your customers happy.

Streamline the purchasing process
E-commerce Website Design

Inspire trust through your e-commerce website design


Make sure that you have relevant content on your webpage besides just your product listings. Add and regularly update a blog about your particular industry or use it to answer questions from your customers. Also, make sure you have a testimonials page with short messages from satisfied customers. This means will help make your site more credible and trustworthy.


A lot of things factor in a success of an e-commerce business. Use the above list to make sure that you are covering things well from a design standpoint and that you are never cost yourself money by overlooking a simple design flaw. Proper e-commerce website design can help make you the very next success story.

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