The Advantages and Disadvantages of WordPress Framework

The Advantages and Disadvantages of WordPress Framework

The Advantages of WordPress

Open Source: WordPress is an open source platform meaning that developers can use the code written and used previously without having to modify or starting from the beginning, isn’t that great? As it has the large community of developers, thereby, developers share codes with each others saving time and cost of writing and implementing a new one. It comes under the GPLv2 license that means, you can easily modify, distribute and use the code without having to pay any contribution or license fees.

Usability and Simplicity: With other frameworks or CMS you need have a basic understanding of technical jargon and knowledge but when it comes to WordPress users with no technical background and use it and that too, quite easily. You don’t need to be common with programming languages like HTML, PHP, CSS etc as it clicks and use. WordPress is easy to setup, update and manage.

Easy of Operation: With time everything changes or just to abide by the new technology and guidelines you need to introduce a little modification in your site be it removing/adding a page, changing the background color, themes etc. Now, what? You will be outsourcing your project or hiring designers or developers for the modification but with WordPress, you don’t have to hire anyone no need of technical assistance as you can make changes to the site without writing a single line of code. This saves you time and money as you don’t need a high-level developer/designer for its setup.

Plugins: Another great advantage of WordPress. It has over 45,000 plugins for almost every function. You want to run an analysis of your site, you have a specific plugin want to enhance the SEO you’ve got another one. Again, you don’t have to write a single line of code for any functionality just install the respective plugin and have that functionality on your site.

Rapid Development: The major advantage of WordPress is the speed at which you’re able to create and start using a website. You can create full-on interfaces, applications, and site with the help of APIs. The process of developing a site is quite straightforward especially drag and drop functionality making it much faster to develop websites.

 The Disadvantages of WordPress

Open Source: What could be the blessing is the curse itself i.e WordPress is famous because it is an open source and this is the same reason for its downfall. As it is widely used, it is always at the target of hackers. Your site is vulnerable to cyber attacks as the code you use has been written by someone else, therefore, the possibility could be that it might contain some malicious code or bug to hinder the functionality of the site.

The Speed of the Site: WordPress sites have lots of generic codes and plugins for incorporating functionality into the site hence, it could make the site respond slowly decreasing the loading time. If users find that the site doesn’t respond well and is taking time, then they will consider going to the other alternatives. It is always good to consider using a high performance hosting to avoid potential problems like this.

Excess of Plugins: Plugins are there to enhance the functionality of the site but, they could work the other way round too. Using lots of plugins will drastically affect the performance of the site making it slower and decreasing the response time. Try to refrain from using plugins and with each update uninstall the ones that are not working or not needed anymore.

Frequent Updates: Frequently updating your site might hamper its functionality. Updates make the sites more enhanced. After each update some functionality of the site doesn’t work for example plugins might stop working and you need to remove the old ones with new ones. Also, before updating the site make sure that you have a backup of your site in case, when the update is not successful you could restore to the previous version easily.

MySQL as Database backend: WordPress uses MySQL as a database backend which is less secure, hence, vulnerable to cyber attacks and can easily be hacked. Until the 3.9 version, the private and important data was stored on MYSQL driver but now it uses MySQL.

Suboptimal for SEO: SEO makes your site stay at the top and make it visible for the users to access it. You don’t have to code or depend on developers or outsource it to external assistance just install the respective plugin and enhance the performance of your site.

The Conclusion

Though WordPress has both advantages and disadvantages still using it feasible and its advantages have an upper hand over its disadvantages. With WordPress, it’s completely possible to mix various frameworks and to escalate the growth of the business and achieving the desired goal.


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