Top Email Marketing Trends for 2018

Top Email Marketing Trends for 2018

Email Marketing is considered as one of the parts of digital marketing which includes social media marketing, online marketing through website, blogs etc. The benefits of using email marketing are cost and easiness, compared to any other types of marketing emailing is the most inexpensive way to promote the business.

Let’s have a look at the top email marketing trends for 2018:

Marketing Automation                       

Automation will remain one of the top topics in 2018. Automated campaigns are gradually starting to reach the SMEs that managed to gain first experiences. Automating marketing processes assists them to save time and resources.

Marketing automation makes it possible to send relevant, event-related content in real-time. And best of all that’s not even difficult to do!

Interactive Email

Adding lively content and kinetic design elements to your email campaigns can improve engagement and boost conversions by reducing the resistance in the buyer journey. For example, interactive emails include such features as carousels and rotating banners, games, hover-over animations, quizzes and surveys, and HTML5 video players, as well as click-to-purchase and add-to-cart functionalities.

Email Personalization

Personalized email marketing is easy with marketing automation and CRM, which let you access deep troves of contact details and automatically pull them into your marketing emails for a highly personalized experience. Virtually any information that you store about your contacts can be automatically pulled into each email that goes out—such as the contact’s name or industry.

Artificial Intelligence

2017 was the year of discussion about artificial intelligence (AI). And 2018 will probably be the year when marketers see it in action. There’s a fine reason to celebrate this development: The technology can facilitate measure and know countless metrics on how users interact with content, often in ways, marketers would never understand on their own.

There are, however, a few hedges to consider: Most small businesses won’t be able to pay for the technical infrastructure on their own, meaning they’ll need to invest in an as-a-service model to execute on AI.

Content, for example, can be made for different segments of your user groups. With AI, brands can reduce the cost and time needed to identify segments and opportunities — allowing them to craft better, more relevant content for their subscribers.


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