Why Mobile App Development is Really Essential?

Why Mobile App Development is Really Essential?

Mobile app development is a method of developing mobile applications that run on mobile devices. These applications can both be downloaded and pre-installed by the user later. They manage the network capabilities of the device to control computing devices remotely. To improve scalable mobile applications, you also want to analyze screen sizes, hardware specifications, and many different phases of the app development process. Nowadays the number of mobile app development companies is increasing day by day. Dextra Technologies is the leading Mobile app development company in Chennai.

Benefits Of Mobile Application

  • Allows the user to use it offline.
  • It Gives a lot of features and serviceability to the user.
  • Mobile app-improving a business brand in different ways.
  • It’s more comfortable to the user experience, the usability of function, and loading content.
  • Speed performance is more durable than the website. 
  • Looking for an Android app development company in Chennai, dextra technologies is the perfect match for developing the mobile app.

Types of the Mobile app:

  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Hybrid Mobile Apps
  • Web Apps

Native Mobile Apps:

A native mobile app is connected directly to the mobile phone (smartphones) and can operate. It can be downloaded and installed through the app store like an apple app store and google play store. Native apps are more secure, and all performed well, which helps the developers to access the Complete Feature Set of Devices. Native apps are developed for the particular operating system, while the hybrid mobile app work on multiple platforms.

Benefits of Native Mobile App:

  • Performance and Fast operating speed
  • Advanced Customization
  • User Experience
  • Secure and reliable
  • Instant Updating

Web Apps:

Web apps are installed directly on smartphones without any internet connectivity. But web apps are different because they can work through web browsers using the networks.

Benefits of Web App:

  • Easy installation and maintenance 
  • High-Level Security and reliable
  • Flexible Accessible Anywhere
  • Effectively Customization for different devices

Hybrid Apps:

Hybrid apps are more familiar because they support developers to compose code for a mobile app to accommodate multiple platforms. The layers between the target platform and the source code.

Benefits of Hybrid App:

  • The hybrid app is very easy to maintain.
  • Hybrid mobile apps have a shorter development period.
  • Hybrid apps are easily scalable.
  • Hybrid apps are High-speed performance
  • Easy Integration and you can use in offline

How Dextra Technologies could support you in Mobile App Development?

We bring the best Mobile App Development Company in Chennai, partner with the client. Though it is technical and detailed work, we offer only what it takes to succeed in your business needs. Please feel free to visit us on to know more about our Mobile App Services. Also, you can log on to our website We are always there to support our customer’s business needs. That is why we call ourselves an Extended Partner and not a Vendor. For more enquires please don’t hesitate to write to us on or call us on +91-44-48648848 or +91-7397261418


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