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Dextra Technologies is the leading Inventory Management Software company in Chennai. We have experienced developers to develop and manage your applications to get a collaborative solution for your business. And we are supporting a large portion of the customers in India, Singapore, and Dubai, Malaysia. It’s not only our business to create and develop applications and websites for your business, but it’s also our passion to help our client business prosper.

Select The Best Inventory Management And Control Software

Inventory control and management is an aspect that cannot be taken lightly, regardless of the niche or size of the company. One of the fastest moving lines of business is the supermarket and grocery sector. This is the one sector where the inventory moves at a super-fast pace, thereby necessitating the need for a POS system that is impeccable.

The products we offer at Dextra technologies are a bespoke creation for this field. From purchase and stock inventory management to CRM and loyalty programs, Dextra technologies provides a complete automated solution, for every firm striving to increase the level of efficiency and accuracy in its operations.

The winds of change are upon us. In a world where every gadget, tool, and technology is now getting integrated with the web, implementing a comprehensive and secure cloud-based POS software has become a must, for all organizations striving to be ahead of the competition.


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