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Ionic Framework

Ionic is an open-source framework for building high-quality mobile apps and desktop apps, simply it is based on the HTML 5 programming language . By developing the app in ionic you can run your app on multiple platforms. Nowadays ionic is the most popular platform for developing mobile apps. The ionic framework particularly concentrates on the UI interaction or front end-user experience which makes your app in a good look and feel.

Advantages of ionic framework :


  • Platform Independent Framework

  • Ionic is open-source and it is completely free

  • Ready-made plugins

  • Ionic is built on Angular

  • rapid development time

  • Active Open Source Community

  • Default User interface

  • Cross-platform

  • Easy to adapt

  • Cordova Plugins

  • Elegant Design Creation

  • High Performance

  • Native Experience

Why should we choose an ionic framework for mobile apps?

Open source and undoubtedly free:

   It is an open-source framework, faster, dependable, stable and gives the native app feel.

Large and valuable community:

   Ionic is made on famous technologies such as Angular and Cordova; it has a huge and active community.

User Interface:

   Ionic has high standards of User Interface elements. For making the buttons, menus, color schemes, CSS and JavaScript will be supported. For making the material design look good ionic will support.


   Testing is very easy with ionic. You can directly test the app as a hybrid app or native app on the actual platform.

Benefits of ionic framework :

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