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Dextra Technologies is the leading POS Billing Software Development company in Chennai. We have experienced developers to develop and manage your applications to get a collaborative solution for your business. And we are supporting a large portion of the customers in India, Singapore, and Dubai, Malaysia. It’s not only our business to create and develop applications and websites for your business, but it’s also our passion to help our client business prosper.

Dextra Technologies is the destination for all your retail merchandise management needs. It's a leap ahead pos retail billing software in Chennai Management software field. Dextra Technologies Retail Billing Software incorporates all the needs of the Shop owner, Cashier/Sales Person as well as your customers!.

The user-friendliness and simple intellect approach will provide you with the competitive edge in the growing Pos retail billing software market. Dextra Technologies possess many features like POS Billing, Retail billing software, Inventory Management, Purchase and Sales Tracking, Stock Management and acts as a POS Software / Retail billing Management Software.

Pos Retail billing software Management offers an innovative business experience for mid-sized and large agile retailers. With our latest technologies and complete hardware integration retail, Bill provides a seamless shopping experience for your customer.

With ultimate control of inventory, supplier and point-of-sale ec Bill makes retail management easy and ensures focused business.

Every person needs ways to run their business hassle free i.e. transaction should be maintained properly, get the comparison of sales years, important alerts. Dextra Technologies, POS Software is designed to handle all needs of individual shops or retail chain in an accurate way as it is easily configurable according to the requirements of the customers as per their business type. In Dextra Technologies POS Software, transactions & inventories can be easily maintained; it will show alerts for the items getting out of stock or for the items whose expiry date is near. Dextra Technologies POS software controls inventory in a much easier way by the help of cash registers as well as helps in better controlling of business due to its unique reporting features.

In Dextra Technologies POS Software, one can compare its current sales from the previous financials or party to party comparison so that they can get better ideas for the betterment of the business. There is online as well as onsite support with the help of 100+ support centres which leads to 2+ Lakh customers of different trades across the globe. Explicit sales services and the higher rate of customer satisfaction leads to the path of success.

Uses of Retail Billing POS Software for Your Business

  • Supermarket Fruits & Vegetables.

  • Groceries & Departmental Stores.

  • Pharama & Healthcare.

  • Apparel & Fashion.

  • Electrical & Electronics.

  • Lifestyle & Fashion.

  • Specialized Retail.

  • Medical shop Billing Software.

feature of Retail Billing

Fast checkout: A retail POS software should be able to simplify the checkout process. This means that it should not take the sales team’s much manual effort to complete a transaction. If there is still a manual process that the team has to go through, then the POS software needs a replacement.

Inventory tracking:A POS should make the inventory management process effortless. One should be able to monitor all the critical information about the store from individual transactions to purchases. This will make the ordering from vendors easy & the inventory manager would not waste time calculating the re-order level.

Customer Data: A good POS can help convert the data on customer’s profile into information. As a use case, it will let the purchasing team know what products the customers buy more frequently and thus the team can place orders accordingly. The data can also help the customer relation team build an effective loyalty program, which can increase sales in the long term.

Automated Purchasing Program: A good POS allows the business to have a streamlined process of connecting with suppliers. For example, if the retail outlet is running low on a critical product, with the help an Automated Purchasing Program, the POS can easily get connected with the suppliers in no time and place the order for the required quantity.

Capabilities for multiple location / Mobility: A good POS should also offer online access which helps you stay connected with the business from anywhere remotely. It is a convenient feature for franchises and business having more than one location.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Agreement: It is one of the most important features which can help the business build trust with its customers as it will protect customers’ credit card details. An organization may face legal issues if the POS does not have this feature.

Reporting tools: Every Retail POS should have a reporting feature which is user friendly. It should store information such as product styles or models, weekly sales, monthly sales, annual sales and hourly transactions.

Why does your business Require Billing POS software?

Bill customers without installing a point of sale software, release your working capital from frequent software updates, save time by avoiding data conflicts between server, track inventory faster from point of purchase to sale, have critical business reports delivered to you 24/7 with web-based POS software.

Benefits of POS

Whatever the size of your business, a point-of-sale (POS) system can help you to take control over your business operations, streamlining processes and making it more efficient.

  • Eliminate Human Error.

  • Faster Transactions.

  • Accurate Record Keeping.

  • Stock Management.

  • Inventory.

  • In the Behind our success.

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