A short synopsis on PHP Web Development

A short synopsis on PHP Web Development


Synopsis on PHP Web Development

In the present time, an organization’s digital presence is integral to its success. A well-crafted website is that the cornerstone of that presence. Shouldn’t your website even be built using the same capable and universally compatible web development framework? We at Dextra Technologies create web solutions according to your business needs and thereby enhancing your business.
From Facebook to Wikipedia, the world’s most popular websites are built using PHP language. Dextra Technology’s PHP development services can assist you build any quite website that features a sophisticated backend and a user-friendly frontend.
If you are looking for a high quality PHP Web development company in Chennai, you are landed in the right place. Dextra Technologies is one of the best PHP web development company in Chennai, India. You can call us at (+91) 44-48648848 and (+91) 73972-61418 or you can email us at with your requirements. Our developers will reach you quickly.

Web Designing

Web Designing

The speed at which your website loads is vital to your bottom line. Users are more likely to exit your website for each additional second it takes to load. this suggests less business to you. We at Dextra Technologies our Web Performance Experts will optimize the online performance of your website. Thereby reducing the web site loading time increasing the web site reaction time which results in more business for your company. Recently, it has been garnering potential and is now considered to be one among the foremost preferred languages utilized in development. the sole and thus the only reason for this is  often that it’s uncomplicated, highly dynamic and supply effective web solutions. Not only it’s favourite of developers but has also received excellent feedback from users. Since its introduction in 1995, PHP has become extremely popular among developers round the world. The prevalence of PHP website development is formed clear by statistical data that claims that over 80% of all websites uses PHP. A majority of those businesses are within the Fortune 500 Companies list. this is often not just employed by experienced developers and corporations but is additionally preferred by startups for his or her websites.

PHP Applications

PHP Applications

Dextra Technologies is one of the Leading PHP scripting and development companies in Chennai, India. we’ve an experienced panel of developers who are proficient in PHP.

Are you looking for Best PHP Company in Chennai? PHP is one of the foremost widely used general purpose open-source scripting language which can be embedded into HTML and is especially suited to web development.






Building an internet site or an internet application, creators are probably looking forward the projects’ growth.

Therefore, scalability is extremely important because the website should grow and be ready to handle the increasing traffic. Websites built with PHP are often easily extended by adding more servers when needed. More users = more servers. Voila!

P.S. Since PHP supports all the most web browsers, scalability isn’t a drag .


High Speed


High Speed

PHP with its memory workload and loading time are reduced. As a result, the processing speed is quite high, which may be a benefit not just for developers but also to their clients who get the merchandise delivered sooner.








Some claim PHP isn’t secure enough because it is open source. But the reality is that any programing language is vulnerable, it’s just a matter how they’re used. The security level depends on the expertise of a developer and his practices. For example, one among the ways to avoid security breaches is to supply software testing. By the way, it’s an important milestone of every project completed by our team.





Cost Efficient




Since PHP is an open source, it doesn’t require any additional expensive software to figure with. You don’t need to buy any extra licenses or royalty fees, there are not any restrictions. Due to the multiple integration options, using PHP is freed from charge which reduces the event cost.





Custom Development

Custom development

The server-side PHP is that the best tool for creating custom websites, as it’s not limited by any custom options. Hence, developers can create web platform supported PHP that exactly matches the clients’ needs. For instance, combined with JavaScript, the developing team can build a functional and at an equivalent time good-looking website.


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